Grace United Methodist Church
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Reaching people with the love and teachings of Jesus Christ
 An opportunity “ to give gifts that give hope”
 Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 from 10 AM – 2:00 PM
 Bake Sale to benefit South Lansing Ministry Food Pantry.
 Children’s Activities 
       Looking for a unique gift or one with more meaning? Want to really make a difference in someone’s life? Trying to “Surprise, Be original, Think ripple effect, or Spend less, get more?” Then skip the mall and buy a pig or surprise grandma with a gift in her honor to a poor family in a developing country. These gifts and more can be found in the Church World Services Best Gift catalogue.
 Other participants include:
 WAR, Intl (Women at Risk, Intl.) – based out of Grand Rapids, MI, sells jewelry, scarves and other items made by women rescued from human trafficking, the fastest growing segment of organized crime today. 800,000 people a year are trafficked against their will, half being children

 Christian Services/Love In the Name of Christ* is a non-profit organization active in the Greater Lansing community since 1981. It helps churches develop local ministries and connects them to people in need. Its clearinghouse helps match the disadvantaged in the community with available services such as clothing centers, small households needs, backpacks, personal needs and food supplies. Their mission is “To mobilize the Church to transform lives and communities In the name of Christ.”

Global Gifts Fair Trade Store – is a fair trade gift and specialty store in Grand Rapids dedicated to supporting a just and sustainable economic system through the sale of Fair Trade products, which ensures fair wages for artisan products and crafts.
Papillion Orphange in Pistr, Haiti – is represented by Delberta Troutman, a consultant for Vi Bella Jewelry which is made in Haiti and Mexico. Purchase of this jewelry is a “win win” as it not only empowers women to make a fair wage to support their families, but the profits go to the orphanage. The orphanage provides spiritual and public education for the girls living there as well as a family atmosphere with regular meals and cots to sleep on.
Co-op of Mayan Women of Guatemala – was started by women who decades ago hosted seriously ill children brought to the United States for medical care not available in their country, One of these children now brings items made by artisans in Guatemala to sell here to raise money for more children back in Guatemala
Greensky Hill Indian Mission Church* – located in Charlevoix, MI, was started in 1830s by a Chippewa Indian who preached the Christian gospel to his fellow brothers and sisters. Today, it preserves a unique Native American heritage while serving a diverse congregation, some of whom are descendants of the original worshippers.
Hannah’s House* – is a Christian shelter open to all pregnant, adult, women ages 18 or older in need. Started in 1995,  it provides shelter, food, clothing, classes, and mentoring to homeless pregnant women to help prepare moms to effectively raise a family. Their program is designed to reinforce a positive lifestyle and promote social, emotional,and spiritual growth. 
Haven Houseis the only organization in the Greater Lansing area providing shelter to families. Haven House provides opportunities to “adopt” families to receive Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets, back to school clothing, backpacks and gifts. They are also known for their fundraising cookbooks, “On the Banks of the Red Cedar.”

Healing Hands Nicaragua – was started in 2001 and is part of United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (VIM). Two times a year, Teresa Miller, local RN, takes a medical team into rural villages of extreme poverty. Working alongside a local physician and local pastors, patients receive spiritual counseling as well as some assistance with their physical needs. Patients often cannot afford the medications prescribed at local clinics, or the bus fare to get to the them. Teresa brings back wooden crafts and pottery produced by Nicaraguan artisans, as well as coffee grown and processed in Nicaragua. The proceeds from selling these items goes towards more medicines to take on subsequent trips. The coffee is the freshest you can get!

NYAKA AIDS Orphans Project – was started by an Ugandan native studying at Michigan State University, to provide food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education for the AIDS orphans of his village and of his country. He believes in providing sustainable, ethical, community based solutions to best address the needs of the people. Grandmothers are frequently the caregivers, and by making baskets which they sell, they are able to help provide a way out of the cycle of poverty
Cass Community is a  Detroit-based agency dedicated to providing food, housing, health services,  and job programs to the homeless of Detroit.  Jobs are provided by making sandals and doormats from recycled, illegally dumped rubber tires which are reclaimed from vacant lots in Detroit.
Small & Beautiful Beads is based in Warren, MI and sells jewelry and loose  African Kazuri beads which are manufactured using Fair Trade Certification empowering workers to lift themselves out of poverty by investing in their communities, protecting the environment, and developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace     
Every Basket Helps Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 to better manage humanitarian projects in the villages of Ghana where baskets are made for “African Market Basket. “ It partners with the Ministry of Health to provide health care to 1000 villagers (weavers and their families). It also provides school supplies and a community weaving center serving 3 villages and over 250 weavers. The center also serves as a village meeting place and school for the children. All the members of this non-profit volunteer their time, thus ensuring that 100% of the proceeds donated actually go toward the intended projects.

Bring your friends, neighbors and co-workers! Give a gift that gives hope to those struggling to survive!