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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Paul Hahm

“Connecting With God Through Nature”

This summer my wife and I took a vacation to California and drove down the pacific coast. We pulled off the side of the road decided to walk down to the water. There were no businesses nearby or cell phone service, just mountains with rocky paths that lead down to natural beaches. In that moment I forgot about where I was, what I needed to do, or what awaited me back at home. I just soaked in the grandeur of God’s creation and I felt at peace.

Scripture says that Jesus “would withdraw to deserted places and pray.” (Luke 5:16) I think even the Son of God needed time away from people, his ministry, and the needs around him to simply be in the presence of God. It’s so counterintuitive to our culture of ultra-productivity
and restless engagements. But Jesus made his time with God a priority.
While the pacific coast, northern Michigan, or the campgrounds of Michigan might not always be at our disposal but I think it’s important to connect with God in the natural environment. It might be a walk through the neighborhood, going to a local park, or even just watching a National Geographic special. It’s a reminder that while we can produce great things with our hands, it’s nothing compared to God’s creation. It’s a humbling and peaceful feeling knowing that we are not the center of the universe so we can trust God is caring for us.

Enjoy your summer and make time to connect with God through nature!
Grace and peace! Paul Hahm 

Grace and peace!
Paul Hahm